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  800 engineering colleges to close over low quality,admissions


  BENGALURU: The All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) wants to close down about 800 engineering colleges acrossIndia as there are no takers for their seats, and admissions areplunging in these institutions every year, AICTE chairman AnilDattatraya Sahasrabudhe told TOI.

  孟加拉:全印度技术教育委员会(AICTE)希望关闭印度全国大约800所工程学院,因为无人问津,且这些机构每年的招生人数都在下降,AICTE主席AnilDattatraya Sahasrabudhe告诉TOI。

  There are approximately 150 colleges which are closed downvoluntarily every year due to stricter AICTE rules. According to arule of the council, colleges that lack proper infrastructure andreport less than 30% admissions for five consecutive years willhave to be shut down, he pointed out.


  According to its website, AICTE has approved the progressiveclosure of more than 410 colleges across India, from 2014-15 to2017-18. Twenty of these institutions are in Karnataka. A maximumnumber of institutions was approved for closure in 2016-17.


  He also advised engineering colleges and universities torevise and renew their syllabus, which is the major cause behindthe fall in the number of admissions and quality of education theyimpart.


  AICTE is also looking at making engineering studentsindustry-ready so that they are hired on time. From this yearonwards, every secondand third-year student will have to undergointernship compulsorily so that they are hired even before campusplacements.



  Appa Durai-3 hours ago

  The craze for engineering education over . The quality of thecolleges poor and the students seeking admissions in these collegeare those who have no aptitude for studies

  工程教育的热潮结束了。这些大学的质量差, 想被这些学院录取的学生都是那些没有学习能力的人。

  Abiri-Mumbai-2 hours ago

  Most of the products of these colleges go for either marketingjobs or for managers in BPO. What the hell engineering andtechnology has to do there ?


  Anupam-3 hours ago

  why aicte gave approval to so many engg colleges on the firsthand


  The Human Anupam-India-2 hours ago




  AICTE gave approval to Engineering Colleges without ensuringthe infrastructure and faculty. The faculty in Pvt Eng college arethose who are unable to get a job as a clerk. Huge corruption .


  the human-India-2 hours ago

  Convert all the colleges to govt school or govt hospital


  the human-2 hours ago

  Where will the funds come from lol? If it was that easy itwould have already been done. Better to shut down thesecolleges.


  Srinatha Babu Devarakonda-3 hours ago

  Most engineering colleges have been started by Politicians formaking more and more money.


  abir-Mumbai-3 hours ago

  It should have been done long ago. Close down 90% of privateengineering colleges and abolish the caste based reservations inthe government engineering colleges. A much needed step for thebrighter future of the country .


  Mudi-2 hours ago

  If you can't clear JEE or CET then you are not worth joiningengineering branch. Better to join humanities or arts instead ofjoining third rate private colleges.


  Rene Fernandez-juffair-39 mins ago

  I think more than 8000 colleges must be closed down becauseover 90% of students graduating from such colleges are not jobworthy and are useless and are not properly trained and have zeroaptitude for Engineering


  Raxendra-53 mins ago

  No you can not do that. The market will take care of that. Thegraduates will find it harder to get jobs, the enrollment will belower and eventually subsidies will stop. IN the US, there are tonsof low level colleges tolerated.


  Subhendu-4 hours ago

  What will the fate of students now studying in Engineeringcolleges please ensure.


  S.Kumar Kumar -Mumbai-3 hours ago

  Read the full news, Progressive closure means the institutecannot admit students to the first year in that academic year, forwhich progressive closure is granted; however, the existingstudents will continue.


  Rahul Kumar-4 hours ago

  Improve Quality of engineer''s not Quantity


  Luc Nava-3 hours ago

  Why not convert them to arts collage


  Ameet M Rayanagoudar-3 hours ago

  So also medical colleges should close.. Especially the govtones.. moreover in Karnataka


  Mudi-2 hours ago

  You want government medical colleges to shut down? lol what doyou want then??


  Felis-Location-12 mins ago

  Very low quality of students coming out of Engineering, andMedical colleges put India to shame.


  selvarajc-22 mins ago

  Everything in India is of low quality except corruption.


  hello-bharat mata-32 mins ago

  these institute are founded by businessman or wealthy people.they have no interest except money. should interview chairmanbefore giving license. look for motive



  km Pkm-39 mins ago

  Thanks to the Chinese imports that the industry don't needengineers but good import managers. Hahaha


  Ankush Z-Delhi-43 mins ago

  If you have money never open institute and play with life ofstudents. Its about India future. Open institute only when you havebrain to operate it in best of students future.

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